Have you ever thought how foreigners are treated in Poland sometimes? Or you were witness of violence act?
We, the students of Białystok's universities, would like to show that borders don't excist and everybody laugh in the same language.

Erasmus Student Network Politechnika Białostocka invites all people who identifity with slogans of equality and tolerance.
Open You Mind is part of all-Poland competition of Foreign Secretary. The main aim is promotion of multicultural dialogue and fight against racism and xenophobia.

The main idea of Open Your Mind is formation of "Friendship chain"- as a mark of unity and rule of law of people with different nationality.

The action organized on 17th of October 2013 was under the honour patronage of President of Białystok, Rector of Białystok University of Technology and Rector of University in Białystok.

Maybe some day we will repeat it :)


Photos gallery from the event