The 10th of December 2016 was one of the most important days this semester for Erasmus students of Bialystok University of Technology. The main goal of Erasmus Hall event was to paint the walls in Bialystok’s Children Clinical Hospital.

This action takes place usually once or twice a year. It is an unforgettable experience for all the participants, because they can do something good for others and have fun. Erasmus students can show their talents and as a result, the hospital walls become more attractive and children waiting in a queue to doctor will not be scared anymore. While waiting for their visit, they can observe pretty cats sitting on the fence. As soon as they enter the doctor’s office, they can notice an enormous tree and forest animals. Colorful birds and squirrels are located on the branches of the tree and children can focus on them during their appointment. In the last room we can see a beautiful pond with swans, turtles and other animals. On the top of one wall are placed two birds that are holding a ribbon that says “Uśmiechnij się!”, which means “Smile!”. This event was special because of the people who took part in it. Each and every person put their heart into this action. Erasmus students and sportsmen of Bialystok’s American football team “Lowlanders” were eager to show up on Saturday morning in the hospital and paint the walls with creativity and do something good at the same time. Mrs. Eliza Bilewicz-Roszkowska was keeping her eye on the work and contacted the media that visited our event. Thanks to Primacol brand we had access to painting materials which really made this job easier. After few hours our painters were lacking energy and in the perfect moment appeared ESN PB volunteers and brought tasty sandwiches and water.

This event will definitely be one of the most important memories of participants and organizers. Erasmus Student Network of Bialystok University of Technology would like to thank everyone for amazing collaboration and help in making this event so wonderful. We can’t wait for the next event like that. Hopefully, it will happen very soon!