Next Thursday and.... you have a chance to play VOLLEYBALL, FUTSAL OR BASKETBALL ! 
MEETING POINT: BETA dorm, 15:30. Please, don't be late!

Location of the gym: ul.Wiejska 41, Sports hall of Białystok University of Technology
Remember! Take clean SHOES for a change with you! You cannot enter the sports hall without them. It's important.
*If you want to support your friends, it's necessary to change shoes, also!
Places are limited! Just 12 people can play volleyball and just 12 can play futsal or basketball !
1. Shoes for change - it's necessary to have them. Without - you won't be able to play games, even to enter the training room.
2. Clothes for change - you can't play in jeans etc.
3. You can take friends as Cheerleaders but they need to change shoes or would enter the gym in socks.
4. Be on time - if you will be late, there would be additional exercises for you.
5. If you can't be there but you signed up, let know Agata Jasielczuk about that. If you won't let her know you will suffer the consequences.
6. Agata Jasielczuk is always right

12/04/2018 - 15:30