This time the sport event will be a little bit different, because we entered the Social Inclusion Days. You will have a chance to be a part of ExchangeAbility project which main purpose is to help disabled students, by making local communities aware of their problems and life.
Move your bodies and join us this Thursday to play VOLLEYBALL, FUTSAL OR BASKETBALL!
MEETING POINT: BETA dorm 15:25, or directly in the sports hall 15:30.
Please don’t be late.
Location of the gym: ul.Wiejska 41, Sports hall of Białystok University of Technology
Remember - Take clean shoes WITHOUT black sole for a change with you! You cannot enter the sports hall without them. It's really important.

*If you want to support your friends, it's necessary to change shoes as well.
1. Shoes for change - it's obligatory to have them. Without - you won't be able to play games, even to enter the training room.
2. Clothes for change - you can't play in jeans etc.
3. You can take friends as Cheerleaders but they need to change shoes or would enter the gym in socks.
4. Be on time – it’s not nice when you are disturbing players during the game.
5. Remember that we are playing for fun and with fair-play rules!
6. Agata Jasielczuk is always right.

19/04/2018 - 15:30