Erasmus Student Network Poland is a part of the biggest student organization in Europe. Its main objective is to support and promote the mobility within international exchange programmes such as Erasmus+. It is divided into 31 local sections which are present in many cities of Poland. Local sections gather students who are focused on making life in a foreign country easier for Erasmus students through a wide range of events and activities prepared especially for them. ESN also helps with adaptation to customs and rules that prevail in Poland and which are often very different from other countries and surprising for foreigners and may cause so-called cultural shock.

There are 3 levels of ESN activity: local, national and international. Thanks to that ESN members, apart from helping Erasmus students, have a chance to develop their skills and abilities, as well as learn new things, gain precious experience and start to build their professional career. ESN Poland offers trainings of various fields such as business and finance, public relations, project management and many more. In the most of the local sections, the recruitment of new members usually starts with the beginning of every semester.

The most popular ESN activity held by local sections is Mentor/Buddy Programme which has a wide appeal among hundreds of university students. It’s objective is to help Erasmus students at the beginning of their stay in Poland with basic things such as picking up from the airport or train station, showing the city, visiting the university and helping with accommodation. In exchange, a contact with Erasmus students gives an opportunity to practice the language and make friendships all over Europe as well as a possibility to take part in events organized by ESN. Before every semester starts, local sections look for people who are willing to help in that matter.

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