In December, at the National Platform in Warsaw (nationwide meeting of ESN Poland Association members) representatives of our section presented a candidacy for Council of Local Representatives (in Polish: Spotkanie Delegatów), which is a meeting of every Polish ESN section Delegates.

The President of ESN PB, Ola Seweryn, who presented our candidacy, rised to the challenge and earned a round of applause with other present ESN PB members. On the last day, the Delegates of ESN Poland voted in favour of our CLR view. Now the Organising Committee is going to have a huge amount of work. Nevertheless, we hope their motivation and positive energy will make this event unforgettable not just for our section, but also for members of ESN Poland.

The event’s chosen motto is “White CLR in the land of ice”. It harks back to coldness of our region of Bialystok (but with very warm-hearted residents) and to a well-known fairy tale, which will be the main topic of parties during the event. CLR will take place from the 17th till the 19 of March 2017. It will consist of official part (sessions with votings) and unofficial one (integration parties, sightseeing). We are looking forward to CLR! And you?



Written by Marcin Pawelski